After a first edition held against all odds in 2014 with an international selection of movies, the second edition came with its load of international guests. The 2016 and 2017 editions brought together an international movie selection, distinguished international guests and an international jury… Tripoli Film Festival has achieved in May 2017 its 4th edition.

The Tripoli Film festival is a cinematic event conceived to ameliorate the image of the city with three main objectives:

 • Enriching our local cultural environment in Tripoli
 • Promoting the rich cultural heritage of Tripoli and its local artists.
 • Branding and Marketing Tripoli and its region as a highly promising tourist destination.

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For the second time in our last edition, the Forum for professionals was organized. The Forum made its second step as a serious attempt to broaden the network of film making and networking in Lebanon. The regional press coverage helped the Festival again to position on the calendar of film festivals in the Arab world… Tripoli Film Festival is reaching its goals by giving Tripoli once again an open gate to reemerge and re-position as a cultural hub and a city of exchange, tolerance and arts, as it has always been.

In 2018, our 5th edition will honor a great Filmmaker from Lebanon, the late Randa Chahal. A “Retrospective” covering her main works will be showcased during the festival days.

Georges Nasser

Festival Honorary President

Elias Khlat

Festival Director

Each year edition brings new challenges on both networking and financial levels, and the most important one is keeping up with a high standard of professional organization. For this 5th edition of Tripoli Film Festival that will be held from April 19th till 26th 2018, we are committed to keep the level of excellence that we were only able to reach with the support of our partners, sponsors, staff and volunteers.

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you in our city during the Festival, and we look forward for it.


designed by Marco Torni


designed by Marco Torni